Where To Lay Your Head Part 4: Timeshares Or Owning An Interval In Paradise

Ok listen up. This is what we are. We not only sell weeks in paradise but we rent them too. So do two other properties on the island and though we are reluctant to tell you about them, they might be more of your cup of tea than we are. It is hard for us to imagine that but it could be true.


Sunset Ridge Villa view from a private deck.

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Where You Will Lay Your Head Part 1: Accommodation Choices & Roughing It In the Tropics

We have sequenced our posts to follow the sequence of events as they happen on your first trip. This is, of course, not your preferred timeline for making reservations. Your first or second reservation choice will be your accommodation. This is a massive topic and we won’t be able to handle it in one post. We will make each category of our accommodation posts separate. In general your choices range from:

1. Camping
2. Eco-Resort
3. Condo, Guest House
4. Time Share
5. Resort
6. Villa Rental

Photo courtesy of Trip Adviser

These are basic categories. Each of them might have several subcategories but it is a good list for us to start from. Now it is here that our knowledge of traveling to St. John might not be as acute in some categories as others. Since we are timeshare people or fraction/interval owner people, our experience in finding other accommodations is not as broad. Hopefully we can point you in the right direction. In many cases while we may not be your cup of tea, our property managers Cimmaron St. John may have the answers you are seeking. You will find them amiable and competent and they will be sure to make your first visit to St. John a memorable one. And we mean that in a very good way.

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