Accommodations Part 2, the Eco-Resort: What Footprint?

At first blush you are going to say, “This isn’t a category. It’s an item.” And, you are partially right. But it follows a natural, no pun intended, progression from roughing-it on Cinnamon Bay to the comparably luxurious camping that was introduced by Stanley Selengut 38 years ago. Stanley’s eco-resorts have had such a vital role in the history of tourism on St. John that we thought we would give it its’ own special posting. The original Maho Bay Camps introduced so many people and young families to the island and those people continue to return year after year that we wanted to give special recognition to that vision of Stanley’s a model eco-resort, a self-sufficient hotel integrated seamlessly into the surrounding natural vegetation. And it was a huge success. According to, “…Stanley Selengut of Maho Bay Camps in the US Virgin Islands was already proselytizing around the world about his low-tech, low-impact green model for hotels. Stanley …never shy about discussing the “amazing profits” his firm was earning from simple tents on platforms by a sugary sand beach on St. John. And, he was the first to point out that travelers frequently care more about simplicity than they do about luxury, which as far as he was concerned, only improved the profit margins.”

Photo courtesy of The New York Times

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