What, When, Why & Who Cares? An Introduction to the Sunset Ridge Villas Blog

So this begins the Sunset Ridge Villas blog. Our intent is to introduce the island to new visitors and help them manage their vacations. And in the process of doing that, perhaps we will introduce long time visitors to parts of the island vacation experience that they have yet to discover or maybe rediscover. We are not unique, there are more like us and we will link you to them if we feel they can tell the story better than we can.

Much about vacationing on St. John is DIY. St. John does not have any all-inclusive resorts. While most of the villa rental agencies, including us, will meet you at the ferry dock (more about that later), point you in the right direction and gently get you on your way; for the rest of it, you will be on your own. So as a first time visitor it is best to do a little research on your destination. Some of us adore doing vacation research and embrace it as part of the vacation experience. Others don’t have the time and there are others, the more adventurous among us that just let their vacations happen. If you are of the later, be patient. There may be stuff you might want to hear anyway.

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