Who Is SRV & Why do they care?

Sunset Ridge Villas is a 6-unit condo interval ownership site at the top of a hill on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We were built some time around 1991, survived a few hurricanes and started selling weeks in 1995. SRV, we like to refer to ourselves in the acronym, has recently come under the direct leadership of our homeowners association. All our profits go directly into the resort. Two thirds of our inventory is currently under direct ownership. That leaves 1/3 of our inventory open for rental or purchase. In addition every year a few of our owners cannot visit and put their weeks up for rent.

Consequently we would love to have you join us if our availability and your desires coincide. Here is our website so you can get a good idea of what we look like and this is our property managers website so you can check out availability and costs.  Each unit, lettered A through F, has its’ own page that can be selected in the Select Unit drop down menu of our property managers’ website.

Even if you don’t find your way to us, we want you to think well of us. We want to be good island citizens because we love St. John and we want those that join us to enjoy the island and its’ residents as much as we do. Hopefully we can get you started and point you in the right directions.


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