Who Are You? 5 Tourists You Will Meet In the Caribbean

There is a net-web-inter-thing belief that browsers love lists, top you-pick-the-number lists and where do I fit in lists. The digital marketing experts tell us that this is the way to get peoples’ attention. So we have a Top Five Who You Might Be In the Eyes of Locals If You Were On Vacation In the Caribbean List.

Photo courtesy of Women Who Live On Rocks. Com

So now that we’ve kept up with incredibly strenuous schedule of weekly posts about St. John we came across this article on the net-web-inter-thing and thought it appropriate to our current discussions. You might be able to cross reference these types of visitors, described in this blog post, identify which of them you are most like and then try to connect them to the appropriate available accommodations that we have so scrupulously categorized. We are hoping that this amusing bit of social commentary might help your decision making and inform you of appreciated behaviors when you are vacation. Here is the link for “Women Who Live On Rocks” a blog about and by women who have chucked it all and moved to the Caribbean, hence the clever title. It is a clever and amusing blog and we recommend it. It is cheeky but fun.


photo courtesy of Women Who Live On Rocks. Com


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