Accommodations Part 6: The Private Villa or Let’s Pretend

The final accommodation choice in our slightly arbitrary categorization is the private villa. This is a very popular choice and one that represents a small industry on the island. Booking agencies, property managers, exterminators, landscapers and trades people depend on the private villa rental business to put food on their tables. And people with cash to invest, who enjoy vacationing on the island, often buy or build new villas. They come to stay a few weeks and then rent the villa out for rest of the year, employing the above mentioned island citizens to oversee their investments. While attractive as this sort of investment sounds it is not without its issues including tales of final construction costs that can be double the original estimates. Remember, everything that comes to an island comes by boat or plane. Shipping costs can be exorbitant and most of the remaining building lots can be precarious.

Photo courtesy of Cimarron St. John

There are a wide and plentiful variety of villas available with an equally wide array of price points. The number of choices can be almost stultifying. It is hard to come to a firm number but a good estimate for the average villa with private pool might be around $900 per person double occupancy in high season and about $600 in the off and shoulder seasons. This is a very general estimate and the variances due to amenities and location can be large. But a group of friends could make this choice a fun and luxurious one. A note of caution here, before foisting this idea on your compatriots take a moment to read Rick Garvin’s group travel rules for St. John. It may make the difference of whether you have friend when you return from vacation or not.

We are going to try to list as many property managers & rental agents as we can but we can’t claim that it will be a complete list. At the top of our list is our own property manager Cimarron St. John. We like them. They have given us top-notch service and continue to help us maintain our property and give us free advice when we ask. Because we can depend on them, you can too.

Another service to check out no matter what your destinations are, is Villa Rental By Owner better known by its’ acronym VRBO a very popular online rental agency. Here is a link to the St. John section. You will find that we are also listed here. Now follows a listing of as many other rental agents as we can think of. Most of these agencies have representation on island. There are other off island agencies that we may not have listed, but we believe that you should do business at your destination. Support your local economy. If you are an on island agency and we have missed you, let us know.


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