Accommodations Part 5: See The Benefits of Rockefellers’ Charity and Other Luxuries


Finally we come to what we all think of as the basic accommodation and St. John has only two and perhaps three depending on how you categorize things. Caneel Bay is St. John’s original resort hotel and of all the properties on St. John it has the best access to some of the best beaches on the island. There is a good reason for this and it involves the Rockefeller family who bought up huge tracks of land on St. John, kept the best for a hotel and gave the rest to the US government for a National Park. Suffice it to say it is the premier property on St. John. Of course the price point is commensurate with its’ status.


Photo courtesy of Luxury Travel Magazine

Gallows Point is one of the first things you see as you enter Cruz Bay harbor and is an intriguing choice with views to the west toward St. Thomas and its’ northern cays.


Photo courtesy of Reef Travel

Finally we come the Weston. The Weston represents everything you would look for in a Caribbean resort at a moderate price point. Check out the links below but we believe that both Caneel Bay and Gallows represent price points toward the higher end. Let us know if we’re wrong.


Photo courtesy of Luxury Travel Magazine

All three properties offer on site restaurants, pools, tennis courts and other amenities on their grounds ensuring that, if guests so chose, they do not have to leave the property. Our personal opinion is that it would be a crime if you actually did this. St. John is so beautiful and has so many things to offer that it would be a shame if you locked your self up on a resort compound. If you do choose one of these resorts to stay, make sure you break out and see the rest of the island.


2 thoughts on “Accommodations Part 5: See The Benefits of Rockefellers’ Charity and Other Luxuries

  1. Does the resort have any sort of sight seeing tours or guided fishing trips or anything else? Or are you on your own to find recreation off site? Sometimes I love the adventure of just setting out into the unknown but I have found that if you have a local or highly experienced guide it can make even the most innocent trip be a loads of fun. If you have ever taken the red bus tours of NYC you would know where I am coming from.


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