Where To Lay Your Head Part 4: Timeshares Or Owning An Interval In Paradise

Ok listen up. This is what we are. We not only sell weeks in paradise but we rent them too. So do two other properties on the island and though we are reluctant to tell you about them, they might be more of your cup of tea than we are. It is hard for us to imagine that but it could be true.


Sunset Ridge Villa view from a private deck.

In general we would recommend that you come to the island and rent first. We think you should become accustomed to the island before you purchase anything. In saying that, you might conclude that the timeshare venues may not have much to offer the first time visitor, but they do. Not everyone can use the weeks that they have purchased and consequently those weeks can go up for rent along with the unsold weeks in each venue’s inventory.



Courtesy of Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Part of the large Weston Resort complex on St. John are the Weston Villas they are part of the vast Starwood Hotel and Resort family. It is possible to find all that you need on this property without ever leaving since the Weston provides all the amenities including tennis courts, restaurants, pools etc. But if you are never going to leave the property, why come to St. John? The resort sits on a man-made beach in Great Cruz Bay that is southeast of Cruz Bay. There is a difference between the two. The property is up and over a rather steep hill called Jacob’s Ladder from the main town of Cruz Bay. So trips to town are not really considered walk able. You can contact Starwood directly using the link above or there are several agencies that specialize in renting out villa units. If you are interested, you might want to go to Google and search Weston St. John Villas for a complete list since, lacking experience, we cannot recommend a particular one. We can recommend that you include in your search a visit to VRBO or Villa Rental By Owner where you can find many rentals not just for the Weston.




Courtesy of Grande Bay Residence Club, St. John U.S. Virgin Islands

Next on our list is the most recent addition to the short list of St. John timeshares, Grand Bay.  Grand Bay as far as we know was originally constructed as full ownership condo units but as the project has completed they have shifted their sales efforts to interval ownership. The property is central to the main town of Cruz Bay and is just a short walk from the ferry dock. In the past we have seen good reviews for them in the travel social media. They have a jeep club and a charter boat club where owners and renters get priority on rentals.




Now we get to blow our own horn. We are Sunset Ridge Villas.  We could be a unique choice for three important reasons. The first is our size. We only have six two building units. That makes us small in number of units but large in total square footage of living space. You will have plenty of room to spread out in 1300 to 1400 square feet of living space, not counting the large deck between the two buildings.

The second reason that makes us unique is that the property is owned and maintained by its’ owners and is managed and maintained by them with the help of its’ property managers Cimarron St. John.  What that means is that whatever profits are made by sales and rentals are plowed back into the facility, all of it. And since all of its’ relatively small group of owners have a stake in the health and welfare of SRV, we love visitors and are always willing to help with advice and suggestions for enjoying your their stay at SRV.

The third reason is our view. After all, we are Sunset Ridge Villas and it is not a misnomer. While we have beautiful views all day long, the best show is in the evenings at sunset. Those of us who come every year never get tired of these beautiful Caribbean sunsets. We can add another reason too, our rates are very competitive.

Unfortunately we have limited availability, for good reasons, but we hope you begin your search with us. Contact our property managers Cimarron St. John and see what they have available. Even if SRV does not have availability our friends at Cimarron St. John have other properties under their purview that might suit your requirements. They are a competent and friendly bunch that have helped us qualify for RCI Silver Crown status for the last three years running. You can depend on them. We do.

For prices and reservations: http://www.cimmaronstjohn.com/

For more information and details on the property: http://sunsetridgevillas.com/index.shtml


Next week we talk about the resorts & maybe some other stuff.


2 thoughts on “Where To Lay Your Head Part 4: Timeshares Or Owning An Interval In Paradise

  1. I just checked the rates and oddly they don’t have a huge difference in prices from the busy season to the slow season. Think I saw $100 a night being the spread. That said it is a bit more then I want to spend at roughly $300 a night. But then I am more of a city guy and not much of a sit on the beach guy. If I spent a week at the beach I would not be relaxed, I would have stressed for a week that i was spending $300 and doing NOTHING!! I like to go and cram as much stuff into a vacation as possible. By time I am done I need a vacation LOL


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