Where to Lay Your Head Accommodations Part 3: Condos, Cottages, and Guesthouses

This is a great catchall category and one that we hope others might chime in on. We will include as many links as we can think of but we are bound to miss someone. For those that we have inadvertently missed; it is not personal or purposeful.

This category may provide one the best choices for first time visitors especially if your choice of St. John for a vacation is on the tenuous side. Most of the condo units for rent are on the more populous western side of the island with the most services and stores. They represent a range of price points and distances to town, some are right in the middle of it all. While some these accommodations refer to themselves as resorts or suites, we have listed them as condo rentals. We could debate the point if necessary but we’d give in so what’s the point?

Photo courtesy of Lavender Hill Suites

Lavendar Hill
Grande Bay
Coconut Coast
Serendip Vacation Condominiums

This is smaller category then we had originally thought. Again, we’ve never stayed at either one but they represent another approach to finding a place to lay your head on St. John. Estate Zootenval is a well-kept property on the east end of the island, while Samuel Cottages are a budget conscious choice within walking distance to downtown Cruz Bay the main town on St. John and at the western end of the island. Take a minute to check these options out.

Estate Zootenval
Samuel Cottages

Photo courtesy of On Island Times

Guesthouses, B&Bs:
We wish we could make the choices for you and not stack link on top of link but we don’t know who you are and how you approach your vacations. Accommodations are such a personal choice, the best we can do is categorize your choices and let you sort through the links. If we have missed something in our research please tell us. If you have been researching along with reading this you already know we are not perfect and our knowledge is not all encompassing.

So now we move onto our last sub-category, guesthouses and bed & breakfasts. The later category always uses the ampersand. This is another option with a wide range of price points. And if you’ve never thought about a guesthouse or B&B take a look at these, they might prove to be interesting.

Estate Lindholm
Inn at Tamarind Court
St. John Inn
Hillcrest Guest House

Brace yourself, next week we talk about ourselves and a couple others.


2 thoughts on “Where to Lay Your Head Accommodations Part 3: Condos, Cottages, and Guesthouses

  1. I have always liked the idea of renting a condo when on vacation as it seems you get a better value and if you want you can bring more people with you. The savings on not having to eat out constantly is a huge bonus and I really like exploring different areas in a rental car. Do they have local tours of the area by bus, segway, bike, motor scooter, etc?


  2. You approach a taxi dispatcher at the ferry landing and request a tour of the island. He will direct you to one of the many safari taxis parked nearby. They are open air multi-seated units built on 3/4 to one ton truck bodies and built for easy viewing and picture taking. Because of the mountainous nature of the place bikes and Segways have not been practical for touring. There are scooter rentals though. http://www.stjohnislandtours.com/transportation_services.html


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