Accommodations Part 6: The Private Villa or Let’s Pretend

The final accommodation choice in our slightly arbitrary categorization is the private villa. This is a very popular choice and one that represents a small industry on the island. Booking agencies, property managers, exterminators, landscapers and trades people depend on the private villa rental business to put food on their tables. And people with cash to invest, who enjoy vacationing on the island, often buy or build new villas. They come to stay a few weeks and then rent the villa out for rest of the year, employing the above mentioned island citizens to oversee their investments. While attractive as this sort of investment sounds it is not without its issues including tales of final construction costs that can be double the original estimates. Remember, everything that comes to an island comes by boat or plane. Shipping costs can be exorbitant and most of the remaining building lots can be precarious.

Photo courtesy of Cimarron St. John

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Accommodations Part 5: See The Benefits of Rockefellers’ Charity and Other Luxuries


Finally we come to what we all think of as the basic accommodation and St. John has only two and perhaps three depending on how you categorize things. Caneel Bay is St. John’s original resort hotel and of all the properties on St. John it has the best access to some of the best beaches on the island. There is a good reason for this and it involves the Rockefeller family who bought up huge tracks of land on St. John, kept the best for a hotel and gave the rest to the US government for a National Park. Suffice it to say it is the premier property on St. John. Of course the price point is commensurate with its’ status.


Photo courtesy of Luxury Travel Magazine

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Where To Lay Your Head Part 4: Timeshares Or Owning An Interval In Paradise

Ok listen up. This is what we are. We not only sell weeks in paradise but we rent them too. So do two other properties on the island and though we are reluctant to tell you about them, they might be more of your cup of tea than we are. It is hard for us to imagine that but it could be true.


Sunset Ridge Villa view from a private deck.

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Where to Lay Your Head Accommodations Part 3: Condos, Cottages, and Guesthouses

This is a great catchall category and one that we hope others might chime in on. We will include as many links as we can think of but we are bound to miss someone. For those that we have inadvertently missed; it is not personal or purposeful.

This category may provide one the best choices for first time visitors especially if your choice of St. John for a vacation is on the tenuous side. Most of the condo units for rent are on the more populous western side of the island with the most services and stores. They represent a range of price points and distances to town, some are right in the middle of it all. While some these accommodations refer to themselves as resorts or suites, we have listed them as condo rentals. We could debate the point if necessary but we’d give in so what’s the point?

Photo courtesy of Lavender Hill Suites

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