You Are Standing On the Dock: Now What? Or Drive Left, Drink Right

Really, do you think we’d abandon you here? We have now reached another, “it depends” situations. It will depend on what choices you’ve made for your accommodations, another topic that we will get back to. Suffice it to say you will be met at the ferry dock or not depending on what choice you made. Then you will be escorted to your car rental agency (or not) and given the opportunity to sign your rental paper work. There are variations on this sequence of events. Some agencies will pick you up at the ferry dock; some agencies are a short walk from the dock. Here is an idea. If there are several of you, quickly retire to a near by bar/restaurant in the area, hydrate and go to the necessary. Then the assigned drivers can walk to the car agency, complete the paperwork and return to pick up the rest of the party.

Unloading and waiting for luggage to be unloaded from the ferry.

We now come upon one of several, most discussed and frequently asked questions about traveling to St. John, “Do I really need to rent a car?” and its’ ancillary, “Does it have to be four wheel drive?” Our answer is YES to both. Why? Here is our reply to this question that we posted on a Trip Adviser forum. The take-away from this post is that part of the fun of visiting St. John is exploring the island. You do not want to immediately restrict your ability to do this. You do not have to be an experienced off roader but there may be times as we explained in our TA post that you will be glad that you had four wheel drive.

Oh, by the way, people in the Virgin Islands drive on the left hand side of the road. The vehicle you will rent is left hand drive also. Don’t panic. Here is one of the best postings I have read about driving in the Virgin Islands. It is worth a read. St. John Traveler: Left-Lane Life. Also everyone drives on the left. You are herd animal, so just follow the

Typical island rental.

We now come to the second most discussed topic about visiting St. John, where to rent your vehicle. Many people swear by renting a vehicle on St. Thomas and taking a car barge to St. John. While it is a reasonable alternative and many people do it, we think for your first trip you should rent a vehicle on St. John. Besides it is our personal opinion that you should spend your vacation dollar locally. Many people disagree. Here is a list of island rental agencies we know of. Can we recommend any particular one? No. This is a good topic to research on Trip Adviser yourself. There are endless opinions and you will eventually have yours.

Best Car Rental (340) 693-8177

C & C Care Rental

Courtesy Car Rental (866) 776-4228

Conrad Sutton Jeep and Car Rental

Cool Breeze Car Rental

Delbert Hill’s Jeep Rental 340-693-8819

Denzil Clyne Car Rental (340) 776-6715

Hospitality Car & Jeep Rentals (340) 693-9160

L&L Jeep Rental, Inc

O’Connor Jeep Rental

Penn’s Jeep Rental (340) 776-6530

Paris Car Rental

Spencer’s Jeep Rental (888) 776-6628

St. John Car Rental

Sun & Sand Car Rental 340-776-6374

Varlack Car Rental

Next: Where will you lay your head? The beginning of your accommodation choices.



3 thoughts on “You Are Standing On the Dock: Now What? Or Drive Left, Drink Right

  1. Driving a right hand drive car can be tricky but one thing I have heard about in places where they drive on the left hand side is that you have to be really careful when you cross the road in any city as we habitually look to the left, then right, then back left but often we step out into the road as we look left because we are wired to know that if nothing is coming we are safe to do so. Not so in the countries that drive on the left and it is really easy to see how you could get hurt or killed by making what is a simple mistake.


  2. The most challenging part of driving on the left is the Cruz Bay (main town) round-about and the natives preference of it being a good place to pick their friends up.


  3. Thanks for the tip about renting a four-wheel vehicle. I would never have thought of that. I would have just found the smallest, most economical car around.


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