By Sea: Choosing your ferry.

We now come to the second of your travel choices. After you chose your airline. You will not choose your cab; it will choose you depending on the decision you will make here. You will need to decide which of two ferries you must take to get you to the island of St. John. The Red Hook or Downtown ferries. Here are the ferry schedules and how your choices stack up:


Downtown Ferry in Charlotte Amalie (A-molly)

The Downtown Ferry:

  1. 45 minute ride along south shore of St. Thomas and across to St. John
  2. $12.00 one way ticket
  3. 3 trips a day (see schedule)
  4. Cheaper cab ride
  5. Exposed waiting area.

The Redhook Ferry

  1. 20 minute ride directly across Pillsbury Sound to St. John
  2. $6.00 one way ticket
  3. Ferry leaves every hour on the hour until after midnight
  4. Longer more expensive cab ride
  5. Terminal building waiting area with tropical bar.

Expense wise, you should come out the same, based on the length of your cab ride. Your choice will depend your arrival schedule, how much you enjoy being on the water, how quickly you want to arrive on island and weather conditions i.e. rain or beating sun. In the past we’ve taken the Red Hook ferry on arrival and the Downtown ferry when we’ve returned home. The reason being that our departure time is more controllable than our arrival times.


Ferry dock on St. John

This is the St. John Spice web cam. It keeps a close watch on the ferry dock and has a 30 second refresh rate. If you give your friends and family this link, you can call them moments before you arrive or as you arrive and wait for your luggage to be off loaded. Then they can watch you arrive. Wave! Now they are jealous and you’re not. It is good to be you.

Next: Now what? On-island transportation.


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